Liza is an artist and designer who currently studies and resides in beautiful St. Petersburg, Russia. She is currently set to finish up her masters at The Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design in Fashion Design in June 2021. Upon completion she hopes to return to theatre and film design with a greater focus on costumes. Liza is passionate about learning and hopes to share her knowledge of art and design with others. Before moving to Russia to continue her studies, Liza was based in Edmonton, AB, where she completed her BFA in Theatre Design from the University of Alberta. 
Liza has designed for theatre and film, and has been part of projects in both assistant and in technical roles. Her upbringing in Russia has allowed Liza to draw on the culture and history of her homeland and to infuse it into her artistic practice. 

Most recent design credits include: production design for La Fille Du Facteur (L’UniThéâtre), production design for Without (Herland), production design for Cleave (Tiny Bear Jaws),  production design for The Aliens (What It Is Productions), costume design for But Hark, A Voice! (Thou Art Here), costume design for Last Chance Leduc (Snowflake Productions), lighting design for Soiled Doves (Send In The Girls Burlesque), set design for In the Heights (Ross Sheppard High School), co-design and costuming  on Urinetown (Grindstone Theatre), and costume design for Equus (Handful of Films). 

Please feel free to get in touch with Liza by going to the contact page.